Health Screening in Malaysia

Life in Malaysia has settled into a “New Normal”. We are seeing a trend where digital health is moving beyond transactional telehealth consultations, to more holistic digital health solutions. Malaysians have slowly embraced healthcare technology, taken proactive steps to maintain a healthier lifestyle, and are rethinking their budgets to prioritise financial preparedness for medical emergencies.

Currently health providers provide basic health screening for Non-communicable diseases (NCDs)and some of the key advantages they provide:

  1. They are existing operational establishments with the full range of medical services for follow-up including pharmacy
  2. Established labs in hospitals or independent labs are able to provide testing and results for the patients

However, there are limitations in terms of the service they provide:

  1. The services are provided as outpatient where the patients have to visit the establishments to take the tests making it not as accessible
  2. There are new portals that provide a home visit for additional costs
  3. It takes 1-2 days to have the report ready for the patient
  4. There is no platform nor service that allows the patient to view their current (and past) tests done as most results are print-based